Special Topic: NDT of Concrete Structures in Nuclear Power Plant 

Nuclear safety is the top priority for the sustainable operation of Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) installations worldwide. Lifetime extension of NPP has highlighted the critical challenges for the condition assessment of nuclear installations, while also providing valuable insight into the ageing management process of new builds. While NDT is widely established in the nuclear industry regarding the inspection of steel components, such as piping and reactor vessel components, the application of NDT for RCS (Reinforced Concrete Structures) within NPP’s is currently a progressing field. The tremendous advances made in the field of concrete-related NDT have great potential for the implementation in NPP’s. This special session will review the current advances and challenges to the application of NDT on concrete structures in NPP’s.  

Examples of key domains of investigation:  

  • Novel and promising NDT for Nuclear (safety-critical) concrete components 
  • Qualification of NDT systems for concrete structures 
  • Challenges related to the optimization and harmonization of NDT validation processes 
  • Modelling of NDT system in NPP environment through simulation software 
  • Inspection consideration of new plant design  
  • Development of AI and machine learning-based NDT system for NPP 
  • Structural health diagnostic and risk-informed in-service inspection strategies 

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