Discussion Workshop on NDT-CE Data

NDT-CE Data Evaluation has a high potential for advancement in the reliability of NDT-CE. The situation is characterized by proprietary data formats of each manufacturer, dedicated software packages and a large variety of individual software solutions in many research groups and equipment manufacturers globally.

This workshop intends to initiate an open discussion in the community to explore the potential for cooperation to improve the reliability of NDT-CE.
Participants of the workshop are invited to present their solutions or problem statements in nugget presentations (4 slides max)
The presentations and discussions will be organized around the interest statement provided upon registration.

This workshop intends to address the wide area of NDT-CE data, e.g.:

  •  Data Management
    o Data Format
    o Database
    o Cloud service
  • Test Localization
    o Test objects
    o Geometry
    o Coordinates
  • Data Analysis
    o Software packages
    o Data fusion
    o Data mining
    o Machine Learning
    o Artificial Intelligence
  • Quality of Software
    o Validation
    o Calibration
    o Certification

There will be an opportunity to present software during the break and after the workshop (exhibition style).
The workshop is open to registered participants of the conference subject to an additional fee of EUR 50.- (in person attendance).

Maximum number of participants: 50

Organizers: Ute Rabe, John Popovics, Herber Wiggenhauser

If you have any questions related to the workshop, feel free to send us an e-mail on ndt-ce@svti.ch